Blow out Yarn Sale!

We’re back from a much needed vacation and Yarn Cents is having one of the best Fourth of July sales on record! Starting today ALL Red Heart Sashay and ALL Premier Starbella yarns are on sale for only $2.50 each!!!!! All Red Heart Boutique Sashay Ribbons are only $1.99!. We carry the complete line of current colors in addition to a few select discontinued colors. NO LIMITS! Limited only to stock on hand, no special orders. All of the colors can be seen on our webpage To order call us at (480) 277-2299 or email us your request to Hurry, don’t miss out on your favorite colors!
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CLEARANCE SALE starting MAY 1, 2014

Yarn Cents will be having a clearance sale starting May 1.   Our seasonal store is closed and we hope to have merged our store inventory with our warehouse and can start shipping in volume.  Our sale will be for STOCK ON HAND only…. no rainchecks.

This sale will be for ALL ruffled scarf yarns, SWTC yarns and more.  Our website pricing will be updated by then to advise you of our LOWEST prices offered.  Shipping will apply.

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Correction regarding Starbella Spring Bouquet

Premier Yarns (Starbella) just notified us that they promised all the “found” Spring Bouquet to another distributor,  so our order will NOT be honored and we will NOT have that color anymore.  Our apologies to anyone who has put in a recent order for that color.  This is out of our control and one that Premier Yarns has elected to act on.  Even though we were promised a case of this color, we no longer are receiving it, so we will be dropping it from our sales literature.

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Starbella Spring Bouquet and Starbella Stripes “Play Ball” available again.

Recently Premier Yarns did a factory inventory and found these two discontinued yarns.  They have already shipped us “Play Ball” (works for Virginia Tech) and are shipping Spring Bouquet this week.  They have assured me that these are the last of what they have found.  We apologize to our customers that we told we are sold out and no more available, but that is what we were told by Premier Yarns.

Please get your orders in soon, as they will be sold out shortly…. and this time forever !

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Red Heart Sashay has some new products and colors.  In the Team Spirits, they added Red and White, Royal Blue and White, Green and White.  In the metallic, they added – Icy Pink, Icy Mint, Icy Lilac, Icy Peri and ONYX.  Onyx is a black yarn with a multi-color metallic, similar to Firecracker in the Boutique Ribbons.  In the Sashay Sequins they have added Coral, Smoky and Twilight.

Red Heart has come out with a new style called BoHo.  A unique twist of colors and style for Sashay.  We have had them at our store and sold out in the first weekend.  We have ordered more and will continue to order more to our inventory.  Very unique coloring to this product line.  We will be adding these to our webpage as soon as we can.

Starbella added two new colors to the popular Stripes product line.  These are very popular for team sports usage in the Pros, college and local teams.  The two new colors are Team 58, which is orange and white AND Coach Ryan, which is dark red and black.

We have been obtaining so many new yarns that we haven’t been able to keep up with our webpage, but if you have heard about it, please contact us.  We just may have it in stock now.

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We have been selling the nine (9) new colors of Monk’s Cloth this past month.  The new colors are:

Vanilla Bean (shade darker than natural), Carob (chocolate brown), Apple Green, Blueberry (shade lighter than denim), Dazzling Blue (royal blue), Gold, Orchid Iris, Ice Grey (shade lighter than grey) and Jade.  We are constantly receiving inventory from the manufacturer and are selling a lot of it.  We usually will ship within 2 days of order, unless we contact  you to advise of a temporary inventory shortage of that color.  We still have some Hot Pink left.  That color was discontinued 2 years ago, along with Mauve, Peach, Lime and Burnt Orange.  The rest of the colors remain.

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Starbella Stripes Play Ball

We recently were able to buy more Play Ball for those fans of Virginia Tech.  Our price is $4.99 and we can ship immediately.

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