Sullivan’s Elicia – $0.80 (Retail is $7.99)

This is a new brand for us and it currently has 6 colors.  Each skein is 150 grams and 39 yards long.  You will get 18% – 30% more yarn than other ruffled scarf yarns.  The loops are bigger and similar to those of Starbella.  We have many customer able to make 2 scarfs out of each skein.  MSRP is $7.99.  Distributor’s price is $3.81.  We were able to do a one-time purchase of this yarn upon its introduction to the U.S. Market.  We cannot buy it and sell it for the price of $1.99 anymore.  GREAT BUY !!



4 Responses to Sullivan’s Elicia – $0.80 (Retail is $7.99)

  1. Maddie says:

    Hello may i also order 6skeins of creamer?

  2. Roseann Davis says:

    Hello. I’d like to order a 10 pack of Phoenix Purple Mix, and another 10 pack of Treisur Intrigue 920. How do I pay for this, and how much will shipping be?

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